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Hi, as you probably notice the site has changed. We have downgraded the site to non-premium. This is due to the costs of having the premium version and since we were not even Close of using the amount of modules and other advantages, we decided to stop paying for this and use the Money for improving the server in other ways.

Thank you for understanding!


chrislo27 "due to the costs" While true, I saw that sav paid for 30 days one time and then dark paid for 365. You should ...
Tropic Hey, If you ever need a help with the site, I have worked on enjin sites before (mine of course), but all up to you ...

Hey fellow Eglboglecrafters!

During the last two weeks there has been alot of rule breaking the rules like advertizing and usage of non-familyfriendly language both on the server and on Teamspeak.

This has to stop!

I just want to remind everyone that rules are not ment to be broken and if anyone breaks them they will have to face the consecuences. And I don't want to hear complains about getting kicked/tempbanned for using non-familyfriendly language! This is a familyfriendly server, we have kids who plays here, have that in mind!

And i know there have been alot of talk about Another server lately and that aswell has to stop, if you want to play on Another server fine, but don't take people from eglboglecraft to that server, that's advertizing! And advertizing will lead to a ban!

And last but not least! We pay for teamspeak, we pay so that players who are online on eglboglecraft can voicechat with eachother not so that you can use it as an advertising spot or use it for Another server! There will from now on be 0-tollerance against usage of eglboglecrafts teamspeak for other servers! If this happends you will get banned from the teamspeak server!

Thank you for following the rules in the future


[Mod] Lavacharger Thanks for the heads up!
chrislo27 I agree with this and personally, I think if advertisment keeps occurring on TS, remove it as a whole (save some $$$ too ...

Yesterday we had to roll back the server to the second of July due to an accident in the games World.

I know there will be some players that will get upset about this since they have played alot the last few Days and on behalf of both myself and the Owner crew, we apologise for the lost progress!

We encourage you to rebuild the things you have lost and help eachother out. I'm sure about everyone would be happy recieve some help with rebuilding thier builds and the best way to repay that favour is to help them rebuild thier builds!

Thank you for understanding!


TheAlbinoDino no sweat ,jonte.!
lightning49455 My inventory reset but my builds kind of reset, my house had leaves in it
ImAwesomeName (ign pnest) I'm guessing that there is no way to get building back are there? what about items that were in chests that are gone now ...
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