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Server crashes and more!

Kaetii Owner posted Dec 7, 14
Hey guys! As most of you may know the server has been crashing lately.
This is due to our PvP plugin. It seems to glitch so you can hit players while their PvP is off.
Well, when a player is hit, a counter goes off so you can't turn your PvP off for the next 10 seconds.
And since the player has it's PvP off ALREADY, it sends the timer into an endless loop, making the server crash.

We are working on fixing this. So until then, please do not hit someone while their PvP is off! But If you do and the server crashes, please contact a staff member.

Onto other news...
 There will be some Christmas events coming up, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

 Happy holidays my friends! And I hope to be seeing more of you over break! ^_~

Kaetii Owner Sadly none of the events are up yet. But I will make a post when we have them up and running! Wam, most of the events we ...
wam_bull Member what type of games/ events? hope none are on mon or tues stupid public school;s >:(
TheAlbinoDino Moderator Have the festivities started yet? really excited. My break just started

Welcome to Eglboglecraft!

jonteponte456 Owner posted Dec 3, 14

Hello Eglites/eglboglecrafters/eglcrafters!

Today I'm writing to inform you of our Facebook page! Head over there and follow it right away!

We will be posting server news, events and much more over there!  The Facebook page will of course not replace the website. We are hoping that by making a Facebook page more people will take part of our news and events on the (best) server (ever).

Now to the news!

It's almost Christmas!

To celebrate the staff asks you to to build what you think is the most important part of christmas, could it be gifts, or maybe the family? We want to know what YOU value the most during Christmas.

Along with the build you should write a motivation/explanation in a book and put it in a locked chest next to your build. Comment on this post with the coordinates of your build. This is not a contest, it is only a way for you to share what you think Christmas is all about.

Have fun!

jonteponte456 Owner That's a good idea I probably won't be able to be on during christmas that much (going to Florida! ) But i'll try to mak ...
Steven The Panda Member Jonte, will there be a secret santa event this year. I was just wondering so i could prepare my resources if i need to

Halloween Contests!

jonteponte456 Owner posted Oct 14, 14

Hello Eglboglecrafters!

Halloween is comming!

To celebrate the staff has prepared a contests for you guys to participate in!

The Haunted House:

The Staff challange you guys to make the scariest haunted house in this servers history! The one who scares us the most wins!

The prize will be revealed at the same time as the Winner October 30th! Good luck!

Build it at /warp hauntedhouse along a road!

Enjoy! -Jonte

endslayer1 Benefactor is sav the only judge? if thats the case, i won! ...
JibblyJ Donator So what are the prizes?
Savious70 Owner What time is judging on the 29th?