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Announcing the Eglboglecraft Renewal project

[O] Savious70
Savious70 @ Eglboglecraft
posted Dec 29, 13
Ignited by good suggestions from lavacharger (remember him?), we're finally announcing the Eglboglecraft Renewal project.

We have deleted the games and RPG worlds and have added two new worlds called Creative2 and Survival2.

In the new creative world, Creative2, there will be a new spawn area.  Tyiscool is organizing this and holding tryouts to help.  There are a number of different areas where we need help, from landscaping to stairs and so on.  /warp renewal to sign up for tasks.

The new and the old Creative worlds and the new and the old Survival worlds will run in parallel until June at which time the old survival world "world" and Creative worlds will be deleted.  Before you go into full panic mode, please let me explain why this is needed.  Our hosting company, Fragnet, hosts thousands of Minecraft servers.  We are one of the largest, if not the largest data user they have.  This is starting to cause problems as we've seen over the last couple of weeks.  The reality of Minecraft is that from time to time you HAVE to reset the worlds or your server will slowly die a painful death, and of course none of us want that for EglbogleCraft!

Most servers simply regenerate new worlds without notice and players totally start from scratch.  It will take a lot of extra work, but we will run the old and new worlds in parallel for 6 months so you can move builds over.  Also, if you want a small to medium sized building moved over many of the Owners can do that for you.

I know that some of you will not be happy losing the old worlds.  We will make this as painless as we can.  Please keep in mind that this is a far better path than simply letting the server spiral into a dead, unplayable server.  Keep in mind the fun of making bigger and better builds in the new worlds!
[Mod] Lavacharger Somehow i feel terrible for being credited for this.......
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[Mod] Lavacharger As to my old question, what about the world saves? :l


[O] Savious70
Savious70 @ Eglboglecraft
posted Sep 29, 13
Please keep in mind that we need donations every month to pay for the server.  If you haven't donated please consider doing so.
[Mod] Lavacharger I guess i could donate :l I still think people aren't really motivated to donate, so look to my plugin suggestion/donat ...
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To change your client between 1.6.2 and 1.6.4, open up your Minecraft launcher and on the lower left hand side click the "edit profile" button. Once your Profile Editor tab is open, look until you see the "Use version:" drop down box and click it. then select either "release 1.6.2" or "release 1.6.4" from the multiple options. Once selected click the "save profile" button and click "play" and you will be playing that version.
[F] WebMasterF You can also select "most recent version" for it to automatically update, and you can also select snapshots if ...
[O] Rin4Christ
Rin4Christ @ Eglboglecraft
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