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Server is now open!

jonteponte456 Owner posted Aug 31, 14

Hello once again fellow eglboglecrafters!

We are now ready to let you players play on the server! (Yay! Finally!) The whitelist is removed so you should all be able to connect.

Since we had to reinstall everything, there has been some changes with some plugins. One example is that Factions has been replaced with Clans and we have installed Griefprotection for you to be able to protect your land from griefers. (The ranks and permissions are not completed yet and we will continue to work with them.)

The maps are as mentioned, reset. If you like to build and interact with people while you play then i suggest you to either join a someones town or to make your own.

If you encounter anything strange, for example  no permissions for a command you think you should be able to use , then please leave a comment here or send me a mail over enjin.

Thank you for being patient while we have worked day and night (atleast i have) to get the server set up! 


PS. There are still lots of things to do so if you encounter anything remember to notify me by commenting here or sending a enjin mail!!! Thanks once again -Jonte

destined2be Member jonteeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Rin4Christ Moderator Server down this evening?
Rin4Christ Moderator Thanks for all your hard work!

New Host!

jonteponte456 Owner posted Aug 30, 14

Hello fellow Eglboglecrafters!

I'm happy to bring good news about the server! Since the server got corrupted a few days ago we've had to re-install and re-configure everything. It's been a few long days of hard work for Brockist, Eglbogle and I, and we can finally tell you that we are almost ready to let you players join us on the server! We currently have whitelist on so that we can work in peace and so we don't have to worry about any players when we restart the server, we will remove the whitelist as soon as we are ready!

The IP is the same!!! (

Unfortunatly I have some bad news aswell, the damaged on the maps were larger than it looked like so both the creative and survival map are corrupted so we will have to start over with clean and fresh maps. 

See this as an oppertunity to form the world as you want it! I urge you all to take initiative and form towns and other projects to make our community tighter than ever! 

Thank you and let's make this server reach the stars!


jonteponte456 Owner Server is up now! ...
ImAwesomeName (ign pnest) Member Somehow, I'm more excited then last time it reset, I've got an idea...
jonteponte456 Owner I see that i was not clear, the server is not open yet, it will be up later today! (Whitelist will be removed when it's ...


Brockist ツ Member posted Aug 26, 14
Hello! As I'm sure you've all heard we're moving away from fragnet.

MCProHositng is now our new host. The server will be up withing 1-3 days. You will keep your inventory and builds!

Please be patient while we configure this new server.

jonteponte456 Owner UPPDATE: We apologise for the delay, we are working as fast as we can. New uppdate will come tomorow or later today! -J ...
fgan22 Member I use no-Ip its very reliable and cheap but you choose wat u do >.<
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