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Halloween Contests!

jonteponte456 Owner posted Oct 14, 14

Hello Eglboglecrafters!

Halloween is comming!

To celebrate the staff has prepared a contests for you guys to participate in!

The Haunted House:

The Staff challange you guys to make the scariest haunted house in this servers history! The one who scares us the most wins!

The prize will be revealed at the same time as the Winner October 30th! Good luck!

Build it at /warp hauntedhouse along a road!

Enjoy! -Jonte

endslayer1 Benefactor is sav the only judge? if thats the case, i won! ...
JibblyJ Donator So what are the prizes?
Savious70 Owner What time is judging on the 29th?

The winner of the events!

jonteponte456 Owner posted Oct 13, 14

Hello Eglites!

Thank you all for making the celebration a success! Both by participating and helping with the preparations!  I would like to congratulate to winners of the event for building creative builds, fighting hard, and making some cool creative skins!  

Congratulation to the following;

Set8888, Kaydenrocket, Juan, SenseiPanda, Kaetii, Win_Every_Day, Mclarence  and Sacharias!

If you enjoyed this event and would like us to make more events please comment bellow! :)


Anniversary Event Scheduel

jonteponte456 Owner posted Oct 10, 14

Hiya everyone! Here is a list of things that we will be doing tomorrow for Eglboglecrafts 3rd Anniversary!
NOTE: All Events will be taken place Pacific time!

Here's  the list:

Buildathon- Time: 12:00-1:00 PM
Survival Games- Time: 1:00-2:00 PM
(each match will be 30 mins)
Mob Arena- 2:00-3:00 PM
Skin Contest prize Ceremony 3:00-3:20 PM
(all entry's please be here!)
Fireworks 3:20-3:20 PM

If you guys want to do anything else let  US know!
Thank you!

-The Staff :)

jonteponte456 Owner WHOOOHOOOO!!! 3 Wonderfull years!! I would like to thank so many people who together made this server what it is today! ...
Tensions Member HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!